River Rafting in Nepal

River Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in the wild rivers of Nepal has always been a widely sought adventures. It is an ideal way of escaping the everyday frustrations and trappings. Nepal has one of the best rivers that origin from the glaciers of the world’s highest mountains. They origin as shallow brooks and then plunge through the narrow and towering gorges, forested foothills towards the journey to Ganges plain and finally to the Bay of Bengal.

Rivers in Nepal are also regarded as goddesses according to Hindu mythology and Buddhist religious beliefs. During your adventure trip, sometimes, you might be lucky to witness a river festival as well.

Your rafting adventure will include camping overnight on the banks of various rivers in tents that will be followed by a campfire. We will provide the necessary amenities for that fun.

River categories:

Rivers in Nepal are grouped into three categories on the basis of their origin:

  • Antecedent to the Himalayas
  • Below the Mahabharat
  • Below the Churia range

The major river systems - The Koshi, The Karnali and The Gandaki belong to the first group. Rivers originating from the Mahabharat Range, those which cut through Churia hills, come under the second group. These include the Karnali, Bagmati, Kamala. The third group of rivers originate from the southern face of the Churia hills. Leisure Holiday Travels runs rafting adventures in various rivers. Please stop by at our office to know more about the rafting trip you can undertake according to your preferences.

Various Rivers of Nepal and the Rafting packages available :

Bhote Koshi

Packages available: Yes
Wild Bhote Koshi adventure (2-3 days)
Bhote Koshi is regarded as a mountain river that can be reached in few hours drive from Kathmandu. The put-in place is at Bahrabise. You can raft with our skilled and qualified rafters and then camp over at the banks of Bhote Koshi. This rafting package is of short duration and therefore suits people who are looking for a small journey through the wild waters of Nepal. Bhote Koshi falls under Class III-IV rivers according to its rapids. You can also shorten your trip to 1 day or extend the fun to 3 days.

Kali Gandaki

Packages available: Yes
Holy Gandaki Package (2-3 days)
You need to catch a flight or drive to Baglung to fulfill your dreams of rafting in Kali Gandaki. Your trip begins at ModiBeni, at the confluence of the Kali Gandaki and the Modi Khola. You will experience strong and exciting rapids, fascinating waterfalls, wildlife, sandy beaches, gorges, exotic feeling and many more in this rafting trip.

Kali Gandaki is an unspoiled river with good white water and challenging rapids. The length of your package could be of 3-4 days where you could venture through rural villages and temples, giving you wonderful memories. Kali Gandaki falls under Class III-IV rivers to raft.

Trishuli River

Packages available: Yes
Classic Trishuli (1-3 days)
Trishuli is one of the most popular and easily available rivers to raft in Nepal. You can customize your trip to 1-2 days as well. Trishuli belongs to Class II-III for rafting and is easily accessible from Kathmandu. You can also have fun swimming in this river. Besides, if you want, you can extend your trip and reach Chitwan National Park. Trishuli is preferred by intermediate kayakers.

Sun Koshi

Packages available: Yes
Golden Sun Koshi adventure (8 days)
Also called the ‘river of Gold’, Sun Koshi has been on of the ten best rafting rivers in the world. You will definitely get strong and big rapids, no settlements around the river and amazing scenic beauty. Sun Koshi is also regarded as a classic rafting journey. To start the rafting trip at Sun Koshi, you will be driven to Dolalghat which is only few hours drive from Kathmandu. This trip is good for indermediate to advance kayakers.

Sun Koshi is also the longest river of Nepal and you can paddle all the way from North to the South. The river falls under Class III-IV to raft. This long trip will definitely be one of the most adventurous rafting journeys.


Packages available: Yes
Wild Marsyangdi adventure (2 days)
The Marsyangdi river rises on the northern slopes of the Annapurna Himal and then flows east through an arid valley around Manang, and then swings south to join the Trisuli River at Mugling. Marsyangdi is considered the most exciting white water rafting in Nepal. This is preferred by advance kayakers and therefore is not for the light hearted explorers. Also, Marsyangdi is considered to be one of the most outstanding class IV kayaking rivers in the world and you can arrange for two days to feel the thrill of Marsyangdi.


Packages available: Yes
The Karnali run (12 days)
Karnali is Nepal’s mightiest river that descends from the Himalayas through a series of magnificent gorges. Rafting in Karnali means exploring through the exotic, isolated and least explored areas. You will be venturing through tropical jungles, deserted beaches and small villages. The rafting trip available at us is long and takes almost 12 days of real wild-river adventure to finish.

Seti River

Packages available: Yes
Picturesque Seti adventure (2 days)
Seti river is pleasant and picturesque. Rafting on Seti could be short and therefore makes it ideal for someone who is starting out in rafting. You will have plenty of small and minor rapids. You can start from Damauli, that is 2 hours drive from Pokhara. This trip offers beautiful mountain views of Annapurna South, Fish-tail and Lamjung Himal.

Seti falls under Class II-III rivers according to the rapids you might get here.